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Laser distance measurer LSD-B

Laser Distance Measurer-LSD-B
Lithium/Dry battery dual customized support
High precision 0.05-40/60/80/100/120m
Comfortable hold 
Electronic angle±90̊ 
Real-time angle display
Rubber protection
30 sets of data storage
  • LSD-B

  • PlinEasy


Product Description

Features Overview

High brightness of LSD-B Laser distance measurer 

This LSD-B Laser distance measurer adopts the bright green laser unit. At the same ambient brightness, a green laser is four times brighter than a red  laser. Indoors, the working distance can be up to 100Ft/30m. Safety level-Class II, <5 mW power output.


Durable design of LSD-B Laser distance measurer

TheLSD-B Laser distance measurer is completely covered by TPR soft rubber, which delivers a soft touch and stronger protection. IP54 water/dust resistance ensures you work well in hazardous working conditions.

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Various ways to use the  LSD-B Laser distance measurer   


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The LSD-B Laser Distance Measurer is a versatile tool used to accurately measure distances using laser technology. It can be employed in various applications across different fields. Here are some ways you can use the LSD-B Laser Distance Measurer:

  1. Construction and Carpentry:

    • Measure distances between walls, floors, and ceilings for accurate material estimation.

    • Determine the length of studs, beams, or other structural elements.

    • Calculate room dimensions for renovation or construction projects.

    • Ensure accurate placement of fixtures, cabinets, and other elements.

  2. Interior Design:

    • Measure spaces forfurniture placement and arrangement.

    • Determine the dimensions of rooms for optimal design layouts.

    • Verify that decorative elements and furnishings fit within a designated space.

  3. Real Estate and Property Management:

    • Measure rooms and areas for property listings.

    • Calculate square footage for rental agreements and property valuations.

    • Ensure accurate measurements for property appraisals.

  4. Landscaping and Outdoor Projects:

    • Measure distances for installing fences, pathways, and outdoor structures.

    • Calculate material requirements for landscaping projects.

    • Determine accurate dimensions for garden beds and plant placements.

  5. Architectural and Engineering Applications:

    • Measure building facades for architectural drawings and designs.

    • Determine distances for site planning and layout of infrastructure projects.

    • Verify measurements for structural analysis and engineering calculations.

  6. DIY Projects and Home Improvement:

    • Measure spaces accurately for DIY projects such as painting, wallpapering, or flooring installation.

    • Calculate the length of materials needed for various tasks.

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Different Mode of LSD-B Laser distance measurer

Single Measurement Mode

This mode allows you to take a single distance measurement with a press of a button. It's useful for quickly measuring distances to a single target.

Continuous Measurement Mode

In this mode, the device continuously updates the distance measurement as you move the laser pointer around. This is useful for measuring moving targets or for obtaining real-time measurements as you adjust your position.

Area Measurement Mode

This mode enables you to calculate the area of a two-dimensional space by taking length and width measurements. It's commonly used for estimating the square footage of rooms.

Volume Measurement Mode

This mode calculates the volume of a three-dimensional space by combining length, width, and height measurements. It's handy for calculating material quantities required for construction or other projects.

Pythagorean Theorem Mode

This mode allows you to calculate distances indirectly by using the Pythagorean theorem. You measure the distance to a point, then the height or angle to that point, and the device calculates the direct distance based on trigonometry.

Min/Max Measurement Mode

This mode helps you find the shortest or longest distance between multiple measurements. It's useful for irregularly shaped spaces.

Easy to operate a LSD-B Laser distance measurer

One-Button Control Makes Laser distance Operation Easy. The LSD-B Laser distance measurer

is the handiest and most professional laser tool you can think of to carry out work for all distance measuring from drop ceiling installation, lighting fixtures, photo frames aligning, wall tiling down to floor tiling, etc.

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Product Display
LaserWavelength Greenbeam:515nm
H/VAccuracy ±3mm/10m
Self-levelingrange 4°±1°
WorkingRange Green:30m/Red:15m
Powersupply 3*AAA 1.5V  
Operatingtemperature -10°Cto 50°C
MountSize No
IPRating IP54

What's In The Package

1.User manual 


3.Hang a rope 

4.Instrument bag 


Our Advantages

Where is our  Laser distance measurer LSD-B better than others?


The outdoor mode gives a greater laser working range and  application flexibility. When used with the laser detector, users can extend their working range up to 197ft/60M outdoors where the line is no longer visible. Press and hold the Pulse mode button to switch the laser to outdoor mode enabling the use of the detector.


The intuitive green indicator function can make the green light constant in slash and pulse States, and the red light flashes when the battery is low. With the magnetic bracket fixed to most steel plates also can directly mounted on a tripod.

Company Information

3D Mini Pocket Laser Level LD-3FG

Changzhou Liansheng photoelectric Technology is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise with research, development, production, sales and service of laser tools. The main products are laser level, laser distance meter, safety tripod, level base and other laser tools and accessories, all of our products have passed the various test and certificates or standard of different countries and regions, such as FCC, CE, UKCA, ROHS, REACH and so on.

Adhering to the production philosophy of independent research and development, energy saving and environmental protection, Plineasy has been continuously developing and producing new laser instruments with advanced technology in recent years. 

We not only have the domestic top professional production equipments, but also have excellent R & D, production, sales team. 

Under the comprehensive training system and strict production quality control, plineasy has been unanimously recognized by customers for its high quality products, timely delivery and professional selling service.

It is worth mentioning that our R & D and production team has more than 20 years experience in serving the world's big brands of tools. Our strong R & D team can realize functional design and industrial design according to our customers needs and requirements. 

So far, we already have been the ODM/OEM supporting strategic cooperation supplier of many well-known enterprises in the laser level industry Like Laserliner, OX tool, Condtrol and so on. 

With the best product quality, very competitive price and considerate service, Plineasy provides accurate, high quality products for the global laser instrument market.

Plineasy is willing to work with you to deduce the charm of laser and practice the mission of laser! In order to build the world famous laser instrument brand forward!

3D Mini Pocket Laser Level LD-3FG3D Mini Pocket Laser Level LD-3FG

3D Mini Pocket Laser Level LD-3FG


1. What is a Laser Distance Measurer (LDM)?

A Laser Distance Measurer is a handheld device that uses laser technology to accurately measure distances between two points. It emits a laser beam towards a target, and then calculates the time it takes for the laser to reflect back, converting it into a distance measurement.

2. How does a Laser Distance Measurer work?

The LDM emits a laser pulse, which reflects off the target surface and returns to the device. By measuring the time taken for the laser to make this round trip, the device calculates the distance based on the speed of light.

3. What are the typical applications of LDMs?

LDMs are commonly used in construction, interior design, architecture, real estate, DIY projects, and various industries where accurate measurements of distance, area, and volume are required.

4. How accurate are Laser Distance Measurers?

LDMs can vary in accuracy, but most consumer-grade devices have an accuracy range of around ±1/16 inch (1.5 mm) to ±1/8 inch (3 mm) over typical measurement distances. Professional-grade devices may offer even higher accuracy.

5. What is the maximum range of measurement for LDMs?

The measurement range can vary widely depending on the specific LDM model. Consumer-grade devices typically have a range of around 100 to 300 feet (30 to 90 meters), while professional-grade models can have ranges exceeding 650 feet (200 meters).

6. Can LDMs measure other properties besides distance?

Yes, many LDMs offer additional features such as measuring area, volume, Pythagorean calculations (for indirect measurements), and continuous measurement mode.

7. Do LDMs have unit conversion capabilities?

Yes, most LDMs allow you to switch between different units of measurement, such as feet, meters, inches, centimeters, and more.

8. Are there any safety considerations when using LDMs?

LDMs use low-power lasers that are generally safe for typical use. However, it's recommended to avoid directing the laser into your eyes, and it's a good practice to be cautious when using the device in potentially hazardous environments.


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