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How to Use a Laser Level for Precise Backsplash Installation

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In This Article Discover Installation of Backsplash with Laser Precision: A Step-by-Step Guidance for Effortless Precision and Professional Results


When upgrading your kitchen or bathroom with a stylish backsplash, achieving precision in installation is crucial. Enter the PlinEasy Laser Level, a tool that seamlessly combines accuracy with simplicity, making your backsplash project a breeze. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned professional, this guide will walk you through the easy steps of using a laser level to ensure your backsplash is not only visually appealing but also impeccably installed. Begin by preparing the area where you'll be installing the backsplash. Clear any obstructions, clean the surface, and ensure it's dry. A smooth and clutter-free workspace sets the foundation for a hassle-free installation process. Attach the PlinEasy Laser Level securely either to a tripod or to the wall using the provided bracket. Ensure that it is positioned at a height that aligns with where you want the bottom edge of your backsplash to be. The laser line will serve as your guide, so proper positioning is key.

Activate the PlinEasy Laser Level and adjust it until the laser beam forms a straight line. Take your time with this step, as precision here will determine the accuracy of your backsplash installation. Once satisfied, secure the laser level in place. With the laser guide in place, start aligning your tiles along the projected line. The PlinEasy Laser Level ensures a consistent level, making the alignment process straightforward. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, achieving a professional-looking backsplash is now within your reach. By incorporating the PlinEasy Laser Level into your backsplash installation, you not only save time and effort but also elevate the overall quality of your project. The precision offered by this tool guarantees a visually polished result, turning your kitchen or bathroom into a space that exudes professionalism and style. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from PlinEasy for your home improvement projects.

1. Getting Your Backsplash Ready with PlinEasy Laser Level:

Embarking on the journey to enhance your kitchen or bathroom with a stunning backsplash requires meticulous preparation of the canvas. Begin this transformative process by bidding farewell to any existing backsplash or wall coverings. Employ a putty knife or scraper to delicately erase any adhesive remnants, ensuring a smooth surface. Take a moment to address imperfections by filling in cracks or holes with a patching compound. This initial step sets the stage for a flawless installation, providing you with the ideal backdrop for your PlinEasy masterpiece.

laser level

With the canvas cleared, the next imperative step is banishing any traces of grime that might hinder the adhesion of your tiles. Utilize a mild detergent or a specialized tile cleaner, armed with a sponge or cloth. Thoroughly cleanse the area, bidding adieu to grease, dirt, and debris. Rinse meticulously and let the area dry completely before proceeding to the next phase. This dedication to cleanliness ensures the optimal conditions for the tiles to adhere seamlessly to the wall.

Precision becomes paramount when entering the realm of backsplashes. Take meticulous measurements of the backsplash area to ascertain the exact amount of tile required. A PlinEasy pro tip: always procure a bit more than needed to accommodate any unforeseen mishaps or future repairs. This extra touch of wisdom ensures you're well-prepared for any surprises along the way, elevating your installation process with a touch of PlinEasy excellence.

Now that the canvas is primed and the measurements are precise, it's time to gather the tools and materials for the grand installation. This ensemble includes the star of the show – your PlinEasy tiles, adhesive, grout, a trusty tile cutter, spacers, a trowel, and a grout float. Let's not forget the unsung hero, your laser level, poised to ensure that every PlinEasy tile finds its perfect place. With these preparations in place, you're set to seamlessly move on to the next step: setting up the laser level. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks as we embark on this journey to transform your space with PlinEasy brilliance!

1. Setting Up Your PlinEasy Laser Level:

Properly configuring your laser level is a pivotal step in guaranteeing the accuracy and precision of your backsplash installation. Let's delve into the meticulous process of setting up your laser level for a flawless alignment:

Begin by selecting a suitable location, whether it be a stable surface or a securely locked tripod. Ensure this location offers an unobstructed line of sight across the backsplash area, setting the stage for the laser's magic. If a tripod is your chosen ally, double-check that it's firmly in place; if a wall bracket is your preference, fasten it securely with screws or nails.

With your chosen setup secure, it's time to level the laser. Most laser levels boast built-in leveling mechanisms, featuring bubble vials or digital indicators. Utilize these tools to make precise adjustments, ensuring the laser line is impeccably horizontal. This meticulous leveling sets the foundation for a backsplash that's not only visually appealing but also flawlessly aligned.


Now, consider the laser's height. Adjust it to match the desired height, aligning with the specific dimensions of your backsplash. This crucial step determines the line at which your PlinEasy tiles will elegantly nestle into place, creating a seamless and polished appearance.

Once the laser level is perfectly positioned, power it on following the manufacturer's instructions. Watch in awe as the laser beam projects a straight and unwavering line across the backsplash area. It's a visual testament to the precision that PlinEasy brings to your home improvement endeavors.

It's worth noting that some laser levels come equipped with additional features like vertical and plumb lines. These features prove handy for creating reference points in vertical tile installations or ensuring tiles align perfectly with adjacent surfaces. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the specific features and controls of your PlinEasy laser level, ensuring you harness its full potential. With the laser level casting its guiding light, you're now poised to advance to the next stage: fine-tuning the laser level. Stay tuned for our next set of instructions as we continue the journey to transform your space with PlinEasy brilliance.

3. Laser Level Setup for Your Backsplash Installation:

Precision in adjusting the laser level is paramount to guaranteeing the projected line aligns precisely where your PlinEasy backsplash is destined to shine. Follow these straightforward steps to fine-tune your laser level for optimal accuracy:

Begin by using the horizontal adjustment knobs or buttons on the laser level to position the line at the desired starting height on the wall. This initial position sets the stage for the elegant installation of your PlinEasy tiles.

Ensure perfection by checking the levelness of the laser line using a spirit level or a bubble vial. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve a straight and level line, laying the groundwork for a backsplash that exudes precision and finesse.

Depending on the length of your backsplash area, you may need to extend the laser line. Most laser levels offer a handy feature allowing you to effortlessly extend the line horizontally. Adjust the laser level accordingly, covering the entire expanse of your backsplash.

After extending the laser line, double-check its levelness throughout the entire length. This step is pivotal in maintaining a consistent and flawless line for the installation of your PlinEasy tiles. Take the time to ensure every inch reflects the precision that defines PlinEasy craftsmanship.

Once satisfied with the position and levelness of the laser line, securely lock the laser level or tripod in place. This step is crucial in preventing any inadvertent movement that could compromise the accuracy of your alignment.

Remember, patience and attention to detail are your allies during the adjustment process. The laser line you meticulously align will serve as your guiding light in the installation of your PlinEasy backsplash tiles, emphasizing the importance of precision. With the laser level now finely tuned, you're set to seamlessly progress to the next step: marking the starting point of your transformative backsplash journey.

4.  Marking the Starting Point for Your Backsplash:

Now that your laser level is impeccably set up and adjusted, let's proceed to mark the crucial starting point for your PlinEasy backsplash installation. This step is pivotal, providing a reliable reference point to commence the seamless laying of tiles.

Begin by positioning a tile spacer at the endpoint of the laser line. This spacer creates a small yet essential gap between the first tile and the countertop, accommodating potential expansion and contraction over time.


With the tile spacer in place, use a pencil or marker to make a small mark on the wall at the top edge of the spacer. This mark signifies the starting point for your tile installation, acting as a beacon for the precise alignment of the first row of PlinEasy tiles.

Continue marking the line along the entire length of the backsplash area. This line, born from the precision of your laser level, becomes your trusted guide for aligning the initial row of tiles. Ensuring accuracy during this marking phase is a wise investment, sparing you from potential complications and rework later in the installation process.

By meticulously marking the starting point, you guarantee that your PlinEasy tiles align flawlessly, resulting in an even and level backsplash. The diligence applied now will undoubtedly pay off, contributing to the seamless progression of your installation journey. With the starting point marked with precision, it's time to seamlessly transition to the next step: aligning the first row of PlinEasy tiles for a transformative and visually stunning backsplash.

5.  Aligning the First Row with Precision:

Now that the starting point is precisely marked, it's time to embark on aligning and installing the foundational first row of PlinEasy tiles for your backsplash. This critical step lays the groundwork for the entire installation process.

Begin by applying a thin layer of tile adhesive along the marked starting line, utilizing a notched trowel. To ensure proper adhesion and optimal tile placement, create ridges in the adhesive by holding the trowel at a 45-degree angle.

With the adhesive in place, firmly press the first PlinEasy tile into the designated area along the starting line. Align it meticulously with the marked line to achieve a straight and level installation. Employ a subtle twisting motion to establish a secure bond between the tile and the adhesive.

Introduce tile spacers at each corner of the first tile to create even gaps between the tiles. These spacers play a crucial role in maintaining consistent spacing and facilitating grout application in the later stages of the installation process.

Proceed systematically, replicating the process for the remaining tiles in the first row. Ensure each tile aligns precisely with the starting line and maintains even spacing. Employ a level to detect and rectify any inconsistencies, guaranteeing a flawless and professional-looking backsplash.

Efficiency is key during this step, considering the adhesive's tendency to dry quickly. Take the time needed to confirm that each tile is level and properly aligned before advancing to the next one. This meticulous approach ensures a polished and expertly crafted backsplash that embodies the excellence of PlinEasy.

With the completion of the first row, you're now poised to seamlessly transition to the next step: continuing the installation with the remaining PlinEasy tiles. Stay tuned for more insights as we guide you through the transformative journey of creating a stunning backsplash.

6.  Progressing with PlinEasy Laser Level Tile Installation:

With the foundation laid by the first row of PlinEasy tiles, let's seamlessly continue the installation journey, adding more rows to complete your stunning backsplash. Follow these straightforward steps to ensure a smooth and consistent installation that showcases the excellence of PlinEasy:

1. Apply Adhesive: 

Employing the notched trowel, generously apply adhesive to a small section of the wall just above the first row of tiles. Ensure an even spread, creating those crucial ridges for optimal adhesion.

2. Place the Tiles:

 Commence the addition of tiles to the adhesive, aligning each one meticulously with the starting line and the spacers in the first row. Press each tile firmly into the adhesive, verifying that it is level and perfectly aligned. Maintain consistent spacing by using additional spacers between tiles.

3. Continue the Pattern: 

Replicate the process of applying adhesive and placing tiles, row by row, gradually progressing upward along the backsplash area. Pay keen attention to maintaining levelness and alignment throughout the entire installation process.

4. Trim Tiles if Necessary: 

 As you approach the edges of the backsplash area, precision becomes paramount. If needed, use a tile cutter or a wet saw to trim tiles. Take accurate measurements and execute precise cuts for a professional finish that reflects the meticulous craftsmanship of PlinEasy.


Periodically check the levelness of the tiles, making any necessary adjustments along the way. Invest the time needed to ensure tiles are impeccably aligned, evenly spaced, and flush with one another. Continue installing the tiles until you reach the conclusion of the backsplash area. Once all the tiles find their place, allow the adhesive to dry in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions before advancing to the next stage of this transformative process. The commitment to precision and attention to detail will undoubtedly result in a backsplash that radiates the exceptional quality of PlinEasy craftsmanship.

7.  Checking and Adjusting Tile Levelness:

As you progress through the installation of your PlinEasy backsplash, maintaining a straight and even surface is paramount for a professional-looking finish. Regularly check the levelness to make timely adjustments and ensure the impeccable quality of your installation:

1. Use a Spirit Level:

 Periodically place a spirit level on top of the tiles to assess their levelness. If you identify any misalignments, delicately tap the offending tiles with a rubber mallet to bring them back into position.

2. Check for Gaps or Lippage:

 Inspect the gaps between tiles to guarantee evenness and consistency. Should you notice any substantial gaps or irregularities, consider removing and readjusting the tiles for a flawless appearance.

3. Verify Vertical Alignment:

 Employ a level vertically against the tiles to identify deviations from a straight vertical line. Adjust the positioning of tiles as necessary to maintain a uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Frequent checks of the backsplash levelness empower you to address issues promptly, preventing them from becoming more challenging to rectify. Investing time in ensuring a level and even installation contributes to a visually pleasing and professionally finished result.

Continue to monitor the level regularly as you proceed with the installation of the remaining PlinEasy tiles. Make adjustments as needed along the way, adhering to the principle that attention to detail enhances the overall quality of your backsplash installation. Once you've thoroughly checked the level and made necessary adjustments, you're ready to transition to Step 8: applying the finishing touches. Stay tuned for the next set of instructions as we guide you through the final steps to complete your PlinEasy backsplash installation with finesse.

8.  Achieving Perfection:

As you approach the final stages of your PlinEasy backsplash installation, it's time to shift your focus to the crucial finishing touches that will elevate both the appearance and functionality of your project. Follow these steps to add those essential final touches:

1. Remove Tile Spacers: 

Once the adhesive has fully dried, delicately remove the tile spacers from between the tiles. Employ a gentle twisting and pulling motion, taking care not to disturb the carefully aligned tiles.

2. Prepare for Grouting: 

Prior to applying the grout, ensure the surface of the tiles is clean and free from adhesive residue or debris. Wipe down the tiles with a damp sponge or cloth, guaranteeing they are pristine and ready for the grouting process.

3. Apply Grout: 

Mix the grout according to the manufacturer's instructions. Use a grout float to spread the grout diagonally across the tiles, pressing it into the gaps. Remove any excess grout from the tile surface using the edge of the grout float.


. Clean and Cure: 

Once the grout is applied, use a damp sponge to clean excess grout from the tile surface. Rinse the sponge frequently and continue wiping until the tiles are impeccably clean. Allow the grout to cure for the recommended time before proceeding.

5. Apply a Sealant (Optional): 

Enhance the durability of your backsplash by considering the application of a sealant over the grout lines. Follow the specific instructions provided by the sealant manufacturer for optimal results.

6. Reinstall Outlet Covers (If Applicable):

 If you removed any outlet covers during the installation process, now is the opportune time to reinstall them. Ensure a proper and secure fit.

By meticulously addressing these finishing touches, you not only ensure that your PlinEasy backsplash boasts visual appeal but also fortifies it against regular use and maintenance. With the completion of these final steps, take a moment to step back and admire your beautifully installed backsplash. Tidy up your workspace and revel in the transformed ambiance of your kitchen or bathroom.

Through your attention to detail and adherence to the outlined steps, you've successfully used a laser level to install a backsplash. The result is a professional-looking enhancement that promises to elevate both the aesthetic and functionality of your space for years to come.


Embarking on a backsplash installation project can be immensely gratifying, bringing both style and functionality to your kitchen or bathroom. The incorporation of a laser level in this process adds a layer of precision, ensuring a professional finish that elevates the overall aesthetic of your space.

Throughout this guide, we've navigated through the step-by-step journey of using a laser level for backsplash installation. From the meticulous preparation of the area to the fine-tuning of the laser level, marking the starting point, aligning the tiles, and culminating with the finishing touches, each step holds significance in achieving a successful installation.

Properly preparing the area and setting up the laser level lay the groundwork, creating a stable foundation for the installation. Marking the starting point and aligning the first row of tiles contribute to maintaining a straight and consistent layout. As you continue the installation with care and regular level checks, the result is a professional finish. Paying attention to the finishing touches adds that final polish to your project, ensuring a visually pleasing and functional backsplash.

The use of a laser level not only simplifies the installation process but also saves time and effort. Its accuracy and precision are instrumental in achieving a seamless and visually appealing backsplash. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, incorporating a laser level will undoubtedly enhance the quality of your work.

Embrace the convenience and reliability offered by this tool, reveling in the satisfaction of a beautifully installed backsplash. Armed with the knowledge and understanding of how to use a laser level for backsplash installation, venture into your project with confidence. Transform your space, bask in the functionality, and appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a well-designed backsplash. Your journey to a refreshed and stylish kitchen or bathroom begins now.

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